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FAQ Frequently asked questions about trans voice lessons
Are you a speech language pathologist? No, my background is in education
are you currently taking new students? Yes, I have reopened my books and I am currently taking new students. However, once my roster is full my books will close.
are your sessions online? Yes, all my sessions are online and are over Google Meets.
do you offer consultations? Yes, I offer 25 minute consultations. During this time I will lend my expertise to help guide you towards a clearer vision and direction for your ideal voice. This is a crucial step in the VBK approach that will assist you in your practice and help you to achieve an authentic feminine voice.
do you only teach trans identified individuals? Although the majority of my students are trans, I am happy to teach any student who wants to feminize their voice.
What are your qualifiations? I have completed courses and earned certification in the following areas: Transgender Voice and Beyond: Voice and communication Training for Gender Expression Voice Evaluations- Beyond the Basics Voice and Communication Across the Gender Continuum Introduction to Gender Affirming Voice Therapy Teaching Cultural Competence in Basic Speech Science Resonant Voice Tips and Tricks Beyond Voice Feminization: Total Communication Clinical and Research topics in Voice
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How long is recommended between sessions? I recommend 1-2 weeks between sessions.