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gendered voice
& mannerism

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As an education professional well versed in learning psychology and neuroscience with over 10 years of teaching experience, I understand how students learn best.



Every voice is uniquely different and so is their path to success. Every lesson is tailored to individual client needs and goals.


When it comes to communication there's more to being perceived as authentically male or female than just voice. For this reason I also focus on body language and mannerisms.

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I teach clients how to recognize and respond to bodily sensations that correspond to specific vocal outcomes. In other words, biofeedback allows you to self monitor in real time and make immediate adjustments to help master your practice sooner.

As a trans woman, I uniquely understand the difficult journey that voice work can be. It's hard and vulnerable work but in the end it's so worth it.

I get "it"

How Kylie is different from other trans voice coaches

How The Voice By Kylie approach Is Different

what's your motivation?

Whether your goal is to land a role or to find your true voice that aligns with your gender, I can help get you there.



Hey there! I'm Kylie (she/her) and I'm a woman of transgender experience who specializes in teaching others how to create authentic sounding gendered voices.

Vocal coaching teacher specializing in trans voices
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Knowledge in how best to support the learner comes from a broad range of educational theories and the experience to know when and how to apply them.

Educational psychology


Let's face it, unless you're a total nerd about voice such as myself, you would probably find the material dry. Fortunately,

I teach with a combination of humour, high energy and enthusiastic encouragement as a means to keep individuals excited to come to sessions.

Contrary to what popular Youtuber's might have you believe, There is a necessary order to which concepts must be learned in. This order reflects the foundational knowledge and skills that must be laid in order to build a successful framework.



Lessons are tailored to individual learning needs, skills and strengths. For example I have experience successfully teaching individuals with ADHD, ASD, FASD and other learning disabilities.

FAQ Frequently asked questions about trans voice lessons

Do you offer


Yes, I offer free 20 minute consultations. During this time I will lend my expertise to help guide you towards a clearer vision and direction for your ideal voice. This is a crucial step in the VBK approach that will assist you in your practice and help you to achieve an authentic voice.

What is your private session rate?

Private sessions are $125CAD per 50 minute session.

How long is recommended

between sessions?

I recommend 2 weeks between sessions.

What are your certifications?

  • Transgender Voice and Beyond: Voice and communication Training for Gender Expression

  • Voice Evaluations- Beyond the Basics

  • Voice and Communication Across the Gender Continuum

  • Introduction to Gender Affirming Voice Therapy

  • Teaching Cultural Competence in Basic Speech Science

  • Resonant Voice Tips and Tricks

  • Beyond Voice Feminization: Total Communication

  • Clinical and Research topics in Voice

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What others are saying

Kylie's voice feminization program helps me focus on bringing my individual female voice to life and takes me through daily exercises so I can progress at a fast, but safe pace. Kylie is an awesome coach who will give you homework and make sure you do them, which is exactly what I need. She is also really nice to talk to, which makes the training sessions really enjoyable, while also serious and challenging.

- Mia, Norway

"Kylie is extremely kind and supportive, and truly cares for her clients. Her lessons have been invaluable in helping me find my voice, and she has worked tirelessly to help me achieve my goals. I would happily recommend her services to anyone"


- Max, United Kingdom

"When I first met with Kylie for my consultation, I was apprehensive. I have a naturally very deep voice, so I thought the best I could hope for was to sound androgynous. She quickly assured me that she could help me achieve vocal feminization, and that my deep voice would not be a barrier to that goal. 


Our sessions are catered to my personal needs, so I'm able to learn at my own pace and not worry about falling behind or missing important steps. So far my vocal feminization journey has been going better than I expected, and I'm excited to continue working with Kylie!"

- Rachel, Alberta

"Kylie really is the best! Since I began to understand myself as a trans person, my voice has been a huge part of my dysphoria and also a safety concern. On top of that, the idea voice training sounded like such a long, intimidating process. Then I found Kylie, and I could tell from the initial consultation that she was the coach for me - we got along so well and she’s made the process soooo fun! I never expected to look forward to my voice lessons or my practice, but here we are! Plus I’m so happy with the results - not just my voice and body language but also how I’ve learned to notice various physical cues to understand how I’m sounding. The way I communicate now finally matches how I feel! Kylie has been a vital component of that and I can’t thank her enough!" 


- Bella, New York

"If you are finding yourself stuck trying to find “the voice” that just feels right, you won’t find a better coach to help you find the “you” in your own voice than Kylie.  I spent months trying to figure it out on my own, countless hours spent watching YouTube tutorials like so many others.  Figuring this stuff out on your own watching some tutorials may work for some, but it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution, not to mention doing this on your own leaves you open to developing bad habits that are difficult to break later on.
I had almost given up on the idea that my voice could ever sound anywhere close to naturally female.  Giving up would have been a mistake, and Kylie proved it to me.
Kylie starts by reviewing where you are, and where you want to get.  Then breaks the whole process of feminizing your voice into tailored little pieces that are easy to digest, in an order that makes sense, not to mention assigning homework and exercises that are easy to do on your own time and fit into whatever schedule you may have (I work shiftwork and managed to find time to squeeze in some exercises almost daily).  You know, a proper lesson plan!  You’ll find some of the exercises silly at times, even funny to practice, but I can promise you this; they do work, and you’ll laugh a lot along the way.  I ended up finding this part of my own journey to be one of the most fun and entertaining aspects (I actually looked forward to our sessions!) but more importantly, it worked!  About a month before I went full-time I found myself accidentally using my new voice on the phone only to completely confuse the person on the other end of the line.  Since then, it’s helped me tremendously with getting gendered correctly in public."

- Katherine, Alberta

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