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services offered


Time: 20 minutes
Cost: Free

During this time I will lend my expertise to help guide you towards a clearer vision and direction for your ideal voice. This is a crucial step in the VBK approach that will assist you in your practice and help you to achieve an authentic voice.

Gendered Voice feedback

Cost: $30 CAD

After you send me a recording of your voice, I will lend my expertise to assess and analyze it against your personal voice goals. From there I will provide you with feedback and direction as well as actionable next steps for you to take so that you can continue to grow your abilities

Feminizing/ Masculinizing 

gendered voice private sessions

Time: 50 minutes
Cost: $125* CAD
*Sliding Scale Rates Available to Those in Need

During private sessions we will have the opportunity to dive deep into developing not just gendered voice, but also the vocal characteristics that you would like to embody and be recognized for. 

Gendered voice friend group sessions

Time: 3 x 50 minutes
Total cost for 3 lessons/ per person:

- $ 250 /Friend groups of 2
- $ 200 /Friend groups of 3
- $ 175 /Friend groups of 4

Learning with friends is an excellent way to combine the personalized attention of private sessions with the benefits of encouragement that comes from working together with your circle of support.

Hey there!

I`m Kylie (she/her)

I'm a Gender Affirming Voice Teacher and a woman of transgender experience, myself. 

Image of Voice By Kylie founder

What People Are Saying

I worked with Kylie from January 2023 to April 2023. Working with her felt like
being taught by my big sister. Whenever our sessions began, we would simply talk for a
bit. I could tell her how my transition is going or ask her advice and she’d be happy to
give it. She's comforting and understanding. She gives praise when you do good and
lets you down gently when you're making mistakes, but never feels condescending. She
works hard to explain things in multiple ways and adjust to how you learn best. She
gives homework and good tips on how to improve and adjust your expectations. She
made me feel comfortable exploring my voice and tempered my expectations for the
long term of the effort and care I will need to give my voice for the rest of my life.
Kylie is a fantastic coach, but no amount of coaching can make up for neglecting
practice. I practiced every day for those months for multiple hours talking to friends or
family. I would sing while doing chores, or driving, or showering because those things
worked for my and Kylie encouraged me to do things my way because they were
working. Even now I’m still refining my voice, but Kylie gave me the tools I needed, and
the understanding to use those tools. She kept me on the right track and encouraged
me like a good big sister would. I would absolutely work with Kylie again, and honestly I
kind of miss doing sessions with her.

Eryna- Canada

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