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the teacher advantage

With a degree in education and 10+ years experience, kylie understands how best to support learners


Let's face it, unless you're a total nerd about voice such as myself, you would probably find the material dry. Fortunately, I teach with a combination of humour, high energy and enthusiastic encouragement as a means to keep individuals excited to come to sessions.


Contrary to what popular Youtuber's might have you believe, There is a necessary order to which concepts must be learned in. This order reflects the foundational knowledge and skills that must be laid in order to build a successful framework.

educational psychology 

Knowledge in how best to support the learner comes from a broad range of educational theories and the experience to know when and how to apply them.


Lessons are tailored to individual learning needs, skills and strengths. For example I have experience successfully teaching individuals with ADHD, ASD, FASD and other learning disabilities.

About the process


Every voice is uniquely different and so is their path to success. Every lesson is tailored to individual client needs and goals.


As an education professional well versed in learning psychology and neuroscience with over 10 years of teaching experience, I understand how students learn best.

Additionally, I have earned certifications in the following areas:


​- Transgender Voice and Beyond: Voice and communication Training for Gender Expression

Voice Evaluations- Beyond the Basics

-Voice and Communication Across the Gender Continuum

-Introduction to Gender Affirming Voice Therapy

-Teaching Cultural Competence in Basic Speech Science

-Resonant Voice Tips and Tricks

-Beyond Voice Feminization: Total Communication

-Clinical and Research topics in Voice


I teach clients how to recognize and respond to bodily sensations that correspond to specific vocal outcomes. In other words, biofeedback allows you to self monitor in real time and make immediate adjustments to help master your practice sooner.


When it comes to communication there's more to being perceived as authentically male or female than just voice. For this reason I also focus on body language and mannerisms.

I get "it"

As a trans woman, I uniquely understand the difficult journey that voice work can be. It's hard and vulnerable work but in the end it's so worth it.

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