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3 Simple Transgender  Voice Exercises that equal Big Results

What if I told you that there are simple vocal exercises that you can do that will allow you to hear immediate improvements in your trans voice training abilities? Well you’re in luck. Dr. Orhon at the Denizoglu Vocology Center studied the impact of vocal training exercises, specifically lip trills, yawn-sigh, and tongue relaxation, on participants' voices over an 8-week period; Her findings revealed both short-term and long-term benefits of these exercises.[1]

After each exercise session, noticeable improvements were observed in the short term for the number of vocal fold vibrations per second, this translates into a higher fundamental frequency, aka an increase in the range of resonance. The exercises also positively influenced breath support, leading to increased back pressure against the vocal folds, which also helps to increase the range of vocal resonance.

Additionally, over the course of 8 weeks, study participants demonstrated noteworthy improvements, both in the short and long term. These improvements were in the areas of pitch variation, resonance irregularity and amplitude (volume). These combined results imply that the vocal fold vibrations become more consistent and regular over time through the use of these exercises, which essentially means that these areas become clearer and less likely to flutter or drop.

When you put it all together, these 3 trans voice exercises promise to equal big results when it comes to enhancing voice control, tone consistency, and breath control. Add in the fact that these positive effects were demonstrated throughout the course of the study, only further contributes to the benefits of their long term use on benefiting your trans voice training.

[1] Orhon , E. Şahin ., & Malkoç , T. . (2022). The effects of yawn-sigh, lip trill and tongue relaxation exercises on frequency and amplitude perturbation of voice in vocal training. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 17(1), 01–17.


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